Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bathroom Talk

A bathroom is a place where we get ready for the day, the place where we sometimes plant unpleasant business, and the place where we wash off the dirt of yesterday. Some bathrooms are small and outdated, like mine, while some are downright luxurious.
What I really love about this bathroom is the gold mirror with the black sink and grey speckled walls; the contrast is perfect. The light fixture is stunning as well.

The file cabinet turned sink and vanity is genius and inspires me to look for an old file cabinet desk. How about you?

Is this a tropical island or actually someone’s bathroom? Your guess is as good as mine, but it sure looks amazing.

Unknown Source
This picture proves any bathroom can look luxurious with the right fixtures. For example: This bathroom has a bold mirror, which accentuates the height of the room and smaller gold mirrors give it a luxurious and vintage feel versus the basic vibe that a single medicine cabinet mirror creates. This bathroom even has curtains and a footstool/bench. Does your bathroom have curtains, a chandelier, and a footstool/bench? Mine unfortunately does not.

Rope Lighting Under Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

I feel like I need this rope lighting in my bathroom for the same reason the kiddies do, fear of darkness. I would prefer to have every light on in the house than for it to ever, in a million years, be completely dark. These lights would also help the problem of toe stubbing in the middle of the night, but would not be good for doing make-up so I would advise adding a BRIGHT vanity light in addition to these for that purpose.

Okay, so the lesson taught here is look for an old file cabinet to up-cycle, rope lights, and luxurious fixtures. Not quite, but really bathrooms come in all sizes and styles. Yours might not be as calming and visually appealing as mentioned above, but you can always do something to improve it. Whether it is something simple as adding a new rug, or something a little more complicated like replacing a fixture or lighting, you can always do something.

What did you gather from this post? Which bathroom looked like a place that you'd like to rest your bum? 
Tell me in the comments!    

Monday, February 10, 2014

NEW at H&M Home

H&M home brings a positive message with some new items like this pillow.
Other "Choose Happiness" items include: 
Tea towel, Apron, Sponge Cloth, and Napkins

Here are a few of my favorite items in the New Arrivals section of H&M home.

Another thing I noticed in the new arrivals for Spring is the recent integration of animals, patterns, and vintage inspired items; I am absolutely loving it. Are you? 

Take a look at some of my fave animal inspired items.

To be honest when I first found out h&m was carrying things for the home, I was skeptical, but I adore the Spring collection. Do you? What is your favorite part about it? Discuss in the comments!

Want an overview of some clothing items from H&M's recent catalog? Head over to Bows and Moccasins to find out, but I'll give you a hint: corporate.

Enjoy the rest of your week, readers! We'll chat again soon.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I had some free time this weekend and cleaned out millions of magazines and books that I have been hoarding since middle school…yes, middle school. (Embarrassing I know). In the midst of cleaning, I came across some special books that I will soon need to have access to everyday (when I start my internship)…like the Law dictionary and my legal research and writing textbook with loads of notes scribbled in it. BUT I had to display these books in a decorative way, of course! Luckily, I had researched bookshelf styling for my previous post and had some ideas. Check it out and let me know what you think!
Roses were purchased from Hobby Lobby. Yes, I leave them up all year not just for Valentine’s Day
Sidenote: I scored this vintage Polaroid camera at a new thrift shop and have been searching for a place to display it. I tried in my room, on top of the cable box, but it looked plain and out of place; it's perfect here.
The red clock is from the wonderful Hobby Lobby which is notorious for discounts.
The mini globe was purchased from One King’s Lane a few years ago. It came in a pack of 3 for $25.

How do you style your bookshelves? This bookshelf can be purchased from IKEA by clicking here.

Have a lovely Wednesday readers!

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