Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rustic Details

So you want to know how to add some rustic elements to you apartment or home? Look no further.

The first rustic idea that pops out to me is adding boards painted with chalk paint behind a flat screen tv for the living room. In fact, I love this idea, and if my tv wasn't currently sitting on a mantle above the fireplace, I would definitely have to reinvent this idea to work for my living room. I am also loving the vintage suitcases stacked according to height are such a nice touch.
See what I mean below: 
Image via Rustic-Crafts

Another rustic chic idea that I want to experiment with for my house is adding a bar cart, or in this case, trunk.
I happen to have a vintage trunk passed down from my aunt, who recently passed away, and am super tempted to add legs to it, or turn it into a bar table right by itself. I know you have seen the infamous "bar carts" on pinterest and even in hit interior stores, such as Anthropologie. If not then you will have no idea why the thought of displaying liquor/wine bottles in an aesthetically pleasing way brings joy to my heart, but it does. I really love the mirror, flowers and lamp as well. *Mentally takes notes*

Image via 
The best part about this rustic living room is all the details. Don't close your eyes because you might miss something. The lampshade is one of my favorite pieces in the room but the oversized, round floor pillow comes in as a close second. Burlap pillows also compliment the neutral palette nicely.

 Image via
THE BEST IDEA EVER. Yes, adding old whitewashed shutters as a headboard is actually a thing, and if you think about it, a super easy way to integrate rustic elements in the bedroom.

Image via

Image Via DiyNCrafts
An amazing DIY idea that I just have to mention is this barn wood reclaimed mirror made using a regular mirror, such as a cheap one from Wal-Mart, and surrounding it with wood. I may try to convince my boyfriend to construct one of these for me after writing this post.

Image Via Over The Big MoonCan we talk about how awesome the idea of adding boards to the back of a bookcase? This instantly adds a rustic factor to any room. I absolutely love it.
Full tutorial here

Believe it or not, wooden letters adds a rustic touch to any room. In this case, the room is the kitchen and this craft actually appeals to me. If you have attempted to or have successfully made these, please let me know. To clarify a little, check out the full tutorial here.

Are you intrigued by rustic style for your home but don't have loads of money to spend to upgrade your existing decor? 
40 Rustic Home Decor Ideas you Can Build Yourself is a great reference as you transform your home with rustic inspired details.

Know any good rustic DIY ideas worth mentioning?
 Comment below & I'll add them to the list!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Modern Elegance

Modern elegance is one of those decoration styles which entails so many different things. Such as marble, gold accents, geometric prints, beautiful florals, gallery walls, chandeliers etc. 

Another common theme you'll notice is black and white. I am not sure if it's my taste, but everything modern & elegant happened to have splashes of black and white, which I personally love, and hope you do too.

Remember the gold accents previously mentioned? Prime example below. Also, note the modern and elegant gallery wall with geometric pillows.

The huge mirror compliments this elegant entry in such a modern way.

The clear table below is modern yet chic all at the same time, and looks elegant paired with the fancy lamp and neutral sofa. The question is, is the table glass or a thick plastic? The world may never know, but I do know I want this table and whole set up in my living room sooner than later.

This glamorous pad is borderline gaudy, but I love how feminine, modern & elegant it is. One thing is for sure, the light fixture needs to be burned and replaced guessed it, a chandelier. 

Nothing says elegant quite like a royal blue tufted sofa and black and white toile chairs, am I right?

Now let's look at modern elegance in the kitchen...

Can we talk about how elegant those traditional curtains look paired with the chandelier and the modern factor of the sleek chrome appliances and counter top?! Oh, so much love for this kitchen.

The next kitchen is exactly how I want my kitchen to look one day. Well, let me rephrase that- if I could pick one kitchen to mimic, and if I had an unlimited amount of money, I would pick this one. BUT I would undoubtedly add three eye catching chandeliers and maybe a subway backsplash.

At first glance this kitchen looks transitional as can be, but if you look closer the backsplash is made of chrome subway tiles, and guess what else is chrome to match? The handles of the drawers.

Velvet, chrome, gold, fur, marble, geometric patterns...oh my!

Which modern elegant interior is your favorite? Comment below.

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

10 Fall Decor Ideas

Scarecrows, sunflowers, pumpkins, hay bales; what do all these items have in common? I need one of each for my porch this fall season. How about you? How do you like to decorate your house and exterior for Fall? Tell me in the comments. 

For now, lets discuss 10 Fall Decor Ideas, shall we?

#1: Whiskey barrel planter: Recently, I fell in love with these planters after visiting my local Home Depot and Lowe's. Want some links where you can purchase a few? No problem:

Home Depot// 26 in. Half Whiskey Barrel Planter...A few things I am going to mention will need to sit inside something (planter) to stand up straight and fit the way you want, so why not place the sunflowers, small pumpkins, some hay, etc. into one of these planters?! I cannot wait to get my hands on one of these and arrange one myself.
Do you see my vision? Comment below.

More options:

#2: Sunflowers(artificial or not): Is it really Fall without sunflowers? I didn't think so. Hobby Lobby is a great place to purchase artificial sunflowers that require no water or sunlight, and look great on the front porch. HL also has the best sales and sometimes puts florals on so watch out for those!

#3: Bales of hay: Every porch decorated for fall needs a bale of hay or two. Check out your local A.C. Moore for Flora Craft Bales of Beauty or if you prefer to purchase online, you're in luck. Here's a 16 inch Straw Bale(1 for $7.99 or 3/$21), 13 inch(1 for $4.99 or 6/$24.99), and 5 inch (1 for $2.99 or 20 for $40.99) Bulk prices are awesome for festivities and events. 

#4: Seasonal sign

#5: Pumpkins: Most people prefer real pumpkins they pick with their family, but I like the artificial kind for the porch. That way, they can be used over & over again for years to come, and don't stink. Head to your local pumpkin patch or grab an assorted pack here, which contains 12 pieces of artificial pumpkins & gourds.

#6: Scarecrows:

#7: Artificial leaves or garland:

#8: Pinecones and sticks: Let's be real for a minute-go outside & find some, spray paint or clear coat, and viola pinecones suitable for decorating. If you just have to purchase some, you might as well get a variety pack. Check this out> Fall Florals-Amazon

#9: Silver bucket with handles: You know the buckets I am referring too, right? Galvanized buckets...some have rope or wooden handles. Do you need some examples?
I really love this Metal Milk Can 15 in. for artificial flowers, wheat branches, and things with long stems. 
However, short items such as small pumpkins & garland need something shallow like this Galvanized Serving Tray
You can sit a serving tray on a hay bale then place a scarecrow next to it for a quick fall decor idea.

#10: Halloween items(ghost, witches, skulls, etc.) 

Did this post inspire you to decorate the exterior of your house for fall and Halloween? Let me know by commenting below.

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