Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Industrial Chic Apartment

Wire baskets, cage lights, stainless steel, and exposed hardware are all aspects you might find in an industrial chic apartment. What does industrial chic mean? Generally, industrial interior design style incorporates art & engineering, but also includes vintage items used in industry reinvented in a new and modern way. And I use the term "chic" a lot on this blog and have never truly defined it. When I say something is chic it is usually classy or glamorous looking (just for future reference).
Now we know the meaning, lets check out what it looks like:

First, lets discuss wire baskets. I never found wire baskets appealing until I started watching flea market flip, you that tv show on HGTV? Well, on the show they find all kinds of ways to repurpose normal everyday flea market items, which is fascinating to watch, and sometimes feature wire baskets. Wire baskets can obviously be used for storage, but what are some other uses for a wire basket? Well, for one you could make an industrial planter out of one, or maybe turn one on its side to act as an industrial wine holder. See what I mean below:

When I mentioned cage lights, I know most of you were like what the heck is this woman about to show me, but don't judge before you see. Typical cage lights look like:
Industrial Spaces by Other Metro Furniture & Accessories Decor Steals
this, but some light fixtures mimic vintage stage lights from old hollywood movies, like the image below

My favorite aspect of industrial interior design is exposed hardware. What? Why would you want your hardware to show? Check out the image below and let me know in the comments if exposed hardware is a 'must' or a 'miss' for you. The first place I really took notice to exposed hardware or the look of it was in the IKEA Atlanta store. If you've ever been in an Ikea (this was my first time) you know how they have all the products set up on the showroom floors, well the STOLMEN open concept closet pieces stole my attention immediately. The poles for the unit look like painted electrical piping and the shoe holders have an industrial step look to them, both of which are examples of industrial design elements.

To make an industrial apartment feel less dark and masculine, try adding a few chic or glamorous pieces. For example: The perfect way to add glamour to an industrial styled apartment is a chandelier. 
Check out what I mean below...
Industrial Living Room by Chicago Architects & Designers jamesthomas, LLC

What is your favorite aspect of industrial interior design? 
Tell me in the comments!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Yard Sale Find

At first glance this looks like a sign you hang in a kitchen or bar, but it is so much more. See the circles at the bottom of the wine glasses? Well beside the circles are two hook-like things that hold real wine glasses and the large circle in the middle is for a wine bottle. How awesome?!
The best part is it was only $5 at a yard sale! Can you say steal? I absolutely cannot wait to hang it on the kitchen wall of the house that we are moving into in a couple weeks (just signed the lease today)!

You can find some intriguing things at yard sales if you really look, but plan on going to yard sales early because like my grandmother always said, "All the good stuff is gone by 9." 

What is the best thing you ever found at a Yard Sale? Tell me in the comments!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gallery Wall Print

I blogged about gallery walls when I first started this blog and unfortunately have not been able to construct a gallery wall for my tiny apartment. I have, however, acquired a few fabulous prints for when I move into a place with the perfect spot for a gallery wall. I purchased both prints from Etsy (two different sellers) and am super pleased with each one. I mentioned the first print here on Bows and Moccasins (my fashion & beauty blog), but have since purchased another.
This post is dedicated to the spontaneous purchase of the Little Things Print from Charm And Gumption. I say spontaneous because I hadn't planned to buy another print for the nonexistent gallery wall, but I was captivated by the saying featuring all the simple joys of life and it mentions polka dots & Vogue, therefore I could not turn away. You can order many colors of the print, but I chose gold because I plan to decorate with gold accents in the next place.
Forewarning: You can't tell the letters are gold in the pictures because the horrible lighting from the lamp. Also note that the print is still in the plastic sleeve and not yet framed so it won't get crushed in the move.

   Now I need the mug to complete my collection.
Don't forget to check out Charm And Gumption on Etsy for this fabulous print or click here.

Stop by Monday when I blog about my awesome Garage Sale find! 

 Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wayfair Finds

If you are unfamiliar with Wayfair, it is a members only home site that sells every aspect of home decor you can imagine. The products are unique yet functional. Members only sites usually require one thing: your email so suck it up and type it in the little box to browse the site!

The first thing I notice when logging on is the top pages with descriptions like "Desks, Home, Office furniture, storage & filing; which all are good but the one that catches my eye the most is "Sales" so naturally, I dive in head first. I am currently looking for interior design deals and this is what I found:

#1: Tyler Leather Bench- Normally I stand clear of leather furniture because my large dog/horse loves to poke her needle like claws into the couch, but this bench alternative might work for me. Plus, its original price is $309 and it is on sale for $187

#2: Hallmar Arched Headboard- Although the price point is higher than I want to spend, my guest bedroom desperately needs a headboard (and a mattress) and I really love this one. I know I have seen a tutorial on how to make these so if you know the link, please let me know.

#3: Mini Chalkboards (Set of 3)- These chalkboards would be extremely handy in multiple rooms, which is convenient seeing as they come in packs of 3. Place one on the refrigerator for recipes, reminders, notes, chores list, or shopping list. Hang one in the office room for reminders and important concepts. Place another at the entryway with an inspirational quote for everyone to see.

#4: Techni Mobili Gray Space Saving Computer Desk- Correct me if I am wrong but could you not use this desk cart as an alternative Bar Cart?! I think I might purchase it and spray paint it metallic gold. Above the cart I plan to hang a wrought iron BAR sign that I found at a Yard Sale for $5.

#5: Bass Projector Table Lamp- I am unsure if it would be useful as a lamp because the light doesn't look too bright and I need a super bright light to concentrate and be productive, but it is certainly a conversation piece.

#6: InRoom Designs Standing Mirror- Coming in at just under $92, this free standing mirror would look perfect in any bedroom. I like how adjustable it is too. If I was looking for a mirror, this would be a definite option.

#7: Seaside Nautical Sailboat Decor- If you have a nautical-themed room, you need this sailboat. It almost tempts me to decorate with a nautical theme in an unexpected place like the kitchen & dinette.

#8: St. Croix Kindwer Aluminum Letter- This may seem like an odd thing to put in a blog post, but these aluminum letters are usually extremely overpriced and this one is under $22. I favorited this item and will probably purchase in the future. I think an & and a # symbol would look good in a hallway or maybe in the office.

#9: Intersecting Wall Shelf- I LOVE THIS SHELF IN WHITE, that is all. Oh, and the best part is the price is under $33. Does it get any better?

#10: Home Loft Concept DVD Multimedia Cabinet- For all the wives, girlfriends, sisters, or mothers of extreme gamers or DVD collectors, this cabinet is the answer to unorganized game/dvd cases scattered around the room. I love that once the games are up, they are officially out of sight.

Be sure to check out Wayfair.com for all your home decor/renovation needs. 
Which is your favorite piece? Comment below!

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