Thursday, January 30, 2014

Styling Bookshelves

Are there special tricks to styling bookshelves to look like orderly chaos? You’re thinking, uniform orderly chaos; is that an oxymoron? The answer is yes, but orderly chaos means the items on the bookshelves are simply placed to look effortless yet orderly. 
As a whole, the mess looks chaotic, but orderly. See what I mean?
The wall to wall bookshelves are a genius plan to maximize space while storing tons of books!

Which is your favorite example of bookshelf styling?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bohemian Bungalow

There is something charming about a home that looks like it has actually been lived in and no other way to create that warm, fuzzy feeling than an apartment full of vintage, repurposed (and re-loved) items. One particular style of vintage decor that is extremely appealing to me is bohemian. Bohemian style is all about the mix; mix of patterns, textures, vibes, and colors. There is no set of rules when it comes to bohemian style. The only rule is to express yourself. Bohemians were optimistic people who believed in being different and expressing themselves through art. The word bohemian has roots from the hippie era but has acquired a spot in today’s world of fashion and home decor. When researched, some synonyms of the word ‘bohemian’ include: nonconformist, free spirit, unorthodox, offbeat…etc.

Bohemian decor is taking something conventional (like a chevron comforter) and adding your own twist and personality to it. The beauty of bohemian decorating is the sky is the limit. You like that Turkish rug? Add it. A regular person might argue that a Turkish rug and a chevron comforter do not match. A bohemian knows the two don’t match, but doesn’t care. A true bohemian loves each individual piece in their home and most likely has a story to tell about acquiring it. Bohemian decor defines what design is really about-loving each aspect of your creation. In this case, the creation is your home and you are the artist.
Take a look at one of my favorite bohemian decorated apartments: Houzz. The mix is evident in this photo with a rattan basket and Moroccan prints along side a metallic floor pouf, but everything somehow looks cohesive as a whole.

I love how unconventional, yet calming and surprising bohemian decor can be. Though bohemian decor is unconventional, some spaces have similarities. Neutrals, bold patterns/prints, different textures, and various forms of wood are usually all found in a bohemian style bungalow. Example 1, Example 2, Example 3

Fur, stripes, damask, Aztec,  floral, modern, ethnic, geometric shapes, Moroccan, vintage, weird art, innovative design…Do you see the beauty in bohemian decor yet? The beauty of not over thinking design and going with items that you love and ones that speak to you; items that you’re proud of and that tell a story. The beauty of not only creating a house but also a home that reflects your personality and design taste. Do you see it? How could you not? 
Bohemian flare adds charm, personality, and unconventionality to design. 

Be sure to check out 14 ways to add bohemian romance to your home for more ideas!

Which is your favorite bohemian inspired home? What are some other ways to add bohemian style?

Tell me your faves in the comments!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Perfect Porch

Thanks for 10 followers on Bloglovin; I did not expect it to happen so quick! Today’s post is dedicated to everything a “Perfect Porch” would have (or at least in my mind).
#1: The perfect porch would have comfortable yet stylish and functional seating. Whether it be a wicker couch, a bench with pillows, adirondack chairs, or simple wooden chairs, a porch is a place to entertain and having somewhere for your guests to sit is a must!
Check out the pallet bench below; it is perfect.
Espace détente balnéaire à faire soi-même
#2: Next, this imaginary porch of mine would definitely have some kind of DIY table involving pallets or wine barrels or something rustic to counteract the bohemian vibe I would create with the seating or cushions. Ah, I almost forgot…cushions, just be sure they are outdoor cushions or pillows like these from Pier 1:

#3: What would a porch be without an old school rocking chair? Maybe it’s because I’m a country girl but there is something extremely peaceful about a rocking chair. Spray paint it a bold color and add a monogram to spice it up!
Try these from I Made It 3’s etsy shop for only $2.00.
2" vine monogram decal
#4: A hammock is an absolute essential because who doesn’t want to hang in the air by a rope attached to the ceiling? Am I getting carried away yet?
#5: Don’t forget an umbrella to protect against the harmful rays in the Summer- preferably a black and white striped one like the one below from Knight Move’s blog.

#6: When adding details like side tables or baskets think Rattan! Texture is beautiful paired with bohemian cushions and stripes, and our imaginary porch has both.
outdoor deck living
#7: Staying with the bohemian vibe, an outdoor table needs flowers and a striking vase. Check out this vase from Anthropologie.
#8: The perfect porch needs bar ware and table settings for the many upcoming barbeques of the Summer! I am loving this acrylic barware from CB2- (perfect for clumsies and drunk people haha).
#9: Ceiling fan or Fire pit/ fireplace- Whatever works depending where you live.
#10: A serving tray is completely necessary when transporting snacks and goodies from the kitchen to the porch. Listed below are some fabulous serving trays found at One Kings Lane:
  • Asst. of 3 Zig Zag trays on sale for $39.00 (regulary 90). –This way you could get a tray for the vanity, porch, and the coffee table; it’s a win, win, win.
  • Jumbo Ottoman Tray (gold and ivory striped)- I see many drinks on this jumbo tray.
  • 20 X 14 Ikat tray- This tray reminds me of summer with its bright blue hues and makes me crave lemonade with crackers & cheese…Great, now I’m hungry.
  • Keep it modern with the Acacia serving tray w/ handles (Hand-wash only)

Each of these items would undoubtedly have a spot on my imaginary porch. Which was your favorite? What items would be on your perfect porch? Tell me in the comments!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Desk Area Do's

One of my favorite spots in an apartment is the desk area. Whether it is small, spacious, big, wood, black, white, or a pull down from a wall, a desk is an absolute essential when it comes to college students or people who work from home aka Bloggers. The truth is no matter what you do for a living, everyone needs a nice quaint desk space to organize all of their junk or to simply read and pay bills. Some of my favorite desk areas are in apartments.
Every office needs:
1) A functional yet attractive desk to house all of your office supplies and/or hobbies. This desk should include a drawer, or cubes *multiple cubes*.
2) Desk chair- You do plan on sitting down at your desk, right? Comfort is key, but not so comfy that you fall asleep while working…not so professional. To avoid that, opt for a bright color like the affordable one below. More of a conventional worker, try one of Wal Mart’s Best Selling chairs in the normal black leather.
3) Some kind of pencil cup (mug, cup, pencil organizer)- Try a festive (Valentine’s Day) mug or buy the basic pencil cup, whichever floats your boat. You could even do something crazy like use a mug you already own (haha).
Only real nerds lust over designer pencils, aka me; which are also from Kate Spade, surprise right? I thought so too. Or how about some Jonathan Adler pens? Ahh now we’re talking.

4) Bulletin board- For important dates, memories, inspiration. Bulletin boards need push pins to hold items.
How about some Kate Spade bow push pins? Perfect.
Bulletin board suggestions: DIY bulletin board and Nate Berkus cork board

5) Book storage- Every desk needs books and every book needs a place.
Monday’s blog post on Bows and Moccasins features What To Read: fashion/home and inspirational books.

6) Paper Organization: Bills, receipts, recipes, notes from the office, printed out emails…are you exhausted yet? There is nothing worse than an unorganized office with stacks of paper on every corner. It is time to tame the clutter that has been building up and find a place for every loose piece.
7) Task light- It is absolutely essential that this piece has a working light bulb then whatever else is up to you.
Suggestions: Royal Velvet- JcPenney and Royal Velvet- JcPenney (I bet you can’t guess I love these?)
 Also check out Lite Source Inc. Euros Desk Lamp- Kohls and Forfar Desk Lamp- One Kings Lane

8) Extra bits and bobs- The details pull everything together and make the office area/study officially yours.

What is your favorite part of a functional office? Tell me in the comments!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Oh my Gallery Wall

Apartment life sometimes gets lonely so a nice gallery wall to spice things up is necessary. I love gallery walls as if they are almost statement pieces in an apartment. Actually, in my apartment there is a huge blank wall that has a few holes in it. I am in the process of constructing an eye-catching gallery wall and have been searching for inspiration in a number of places. Of course, Pinterest was my first resource, but then I branched out to magazines and even began watching a little HGTV.

Gallery Walls come in all sorts of themes, sizes, and basically the possibilities are endless.

A few questions come to mind when deciding what to add to a gallery wall:

1. Do I want to use photos, and if so- my photography or printed sources? Do the photos need a matte or border? How many individual units do I want? 
2. Quotes are a nice touch, but what kind of quotes, and what fonts am I going to use? Could I order a print from somewhere, but where? Etsy, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Hobby Lobby are all good options to start when searching for typography prints or printed words with fancy fonts!
3. Frames, a gallery wall needs frames; which frames and what sizes? 
4. Do I want my gallery wall streamlined and measured, or randomized and unstructured?

Another thing to keep in mind when deciding what to place on the gallery wall is that every person who steps in your apartment will see it, or (in my apartment they will because it's in the living room and right when you walk in the door) so make sure everything on it is appropriate and is cohesive to the theme of your room.

I have seen gallery walls in living rooms the most, some in bedrooms, and only a few in an office setting.

Some of my favorites:

Found from Desert Domicile

Are you inspired yet? I know I sure am!

Friday, January 3, 2014


Furniture is an investment, but is worth every penny. Ikea's price-point is on the lower side for frugal living people like you and me, but the 9 drawer piece pictured above ranges around $120. I own this piece and it keeps my cosmetics completely organized while not taking up much space, thanks to its vertical design. Props to this little guy for un-cluttering my bathroom drawers and taming the chaos. 
The second piece pictured features 5 drawers and is really tempting to place on top of the tall one. I had no clue the desk even exists, but it also looks appealing and makes me want to buy both. 
The shorter version is only $80 and the desk is around $200. I am pretty sure the desk would be completely worth 200 dollars because it is almost like 2 of the smaller ones ($160) + a desk. I really want to make the desk my craft and or sewing table! Two hundred is a lot to fork out, but I know it would be worth it.

Have you tried any of the furniture pieces from the ALEX line at IKEA? Tell me in the comments!

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