Friday, September 19, 2014

Modern Elegance

Modern elegance is one of those decoration styles which entails so many different things. Such as marble, gold accents, geometric prints, beautiful florals, gallery walls, chandeliers etc. 

Another common theme you'll notice is black and white. I am not sure if it's my taste, but everything modern & elegant happened to have splashes of black and white, which I personally love, and hope you do too.

Remember the gold accents previously mentioned? Prime example below. Also, note the modern and elegant gallery wall with geometric pillows.

The huge mirror compliments this elegant entry in such a modern way.

The clear table below is modern yet chic all at the same time, and looks elegant paired with the fancy lamp and neutral sofa. The question is, is the table glass or a thick plastic? The world may never know, but I do know I want this table and whole set up in my living room sooner than later.

This glamorous pad is borderline gaudy, but I love how feminine, modern & elegant it is. One thing is for sure, the light fixture needs to be burned and replaced guessed it, a chandelier. 

Nothing says elegant quite like a royal blue tufted sofa and black and white toile chairs, am I right?

Now let's look at modern elegance in the kitchen...

Can we talk about how elegant those traditional curtains look paired with the chandelier and the modern factor of the sleek chrome appliances and counter top?! Oh, so much love for this kitchen.

The next kitchen is exactly how I want my kitchen to look one day. Well, let me rephrase that- if I could pick one kitchen to mimic, and if I had an unlimited amount of money, I would pick this one. BUT I would undoubtedly add three eye catching chandeliers and maybe a subway backsplash.

At first glance this kitchen looks transitional as can be, but if you look closer the backsplash is made of chrome subway tiles, and guess what else is chrome to match? The handles of the drawers.

Velvet, chrome, gold, fur, marble, geometric patterns...oh my!

Which modern elegant interior is your favorite? Comment below.

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