Sunday, January 5, 2014

Oh my Gallery Wall

Apartment life sometimes gets lonely so a nice gallery wall to spice things up is necessary. I love gallery walls as if they are almost statement pieces in an apartment. Actually, in my apartment there is a huge blank wall that has a few holes in it. I am in the process of constructing an eye-catching gallery wall and have been searching for inspiration in a number of places. Of course, Pinterest was my first resource, but then I branched out to magazines and even began watching a little HGTV.

Gallery Walls come in all sorts of themes, sizes, and basically the possibilities are endless.

A few questions come to mind when deciding what to add to a gallery wall:

1. Do I want to use photos, and if so- my photography or printed sources? Do the photos need a matte or border? How many individual units do I want? 
2. Quotes are a nice touch, but what kind of quotes, and what fonts am I going to use? Could I order a print from somewhere, but where? Etsy, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Hobby Lobby are all good options to start when searching for typography prints or printed words with fancy fonts!
3. Frames, a gallery wall needs frames; which frames and what sizes? 
4. Do I want my gallery wall streamlined and measured, or randomized and unstructured?

Another thing to keep in mind when deciding what to place on the gallery wall is that every person who steps in your apartment will see it, or (in my apartment they will because it's in the living room and right when you walk in the door) so make sure everything on it is appropriate and is cohesive to the theme of your room.

I have seen gallery walls in living rooms the most, some in bedrooms, and only a few in an office setting.

Some of my favorites:

Found from Desert Domicile

Are you inspired yet? I know I sure am!

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