Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Industrial Chic Apartment

Wire baskets, cage lights, stainless steel, and exposed hardware are all aspects you might find in an industrial chic apartment. What does industrial chic mean? Generally, industrial interior design style incorporates art & engineering, but also includes vintage items used in industry reinvented in a new and modern way. And I use the term "chic" a lot on this blog and have never truly defined it. When I say something is chic it is usually classy or glamorous looking (just for future reference).
Now we know the meaning, lets check out what it looks like:

First, lets discuss wire baskets. I never found wire baskets appealing until I started watching flea market flip, you that tv show on HGTV? Well, on the show they find all kinds of ways to repurpose normal everyday flea market items, which is fascinating to watch, and sometimes feature wire baskets. Wire baskets can obviously be used for storage, but what are some other uses for a wire basket? Well, for one you could make an industrial planter out of one, or maybe turn one on its side to act as an industrial wine holder. See what I mean below:

When I mentioned cage lights, I know most of you were like what the heck is this woman about to show me, but don't judge before you see. Typical cage lights look like:
Industrial Spaces by Other Metro Furniture & Accessories Decor Steals
this, but some light fixtures mimic vintage stage lights from old hollywood movies, like the image below

My favorite aspect of industrial interior design is exposed hardware. What? Why would you want your hardware to show? Check out the image below and let me know in the comments if exposed hardware is a 'must' or a 'miss' for you. The first place I really took notice to exposed hardware or the look of it was in the IKEA Atlanta store. If you've ever been in an Ikea (this was my first time) you know how they have all the products set up on the showroom floors, well the STOLMEN open concept closet pieces stole my attention immediately. The poles for the unit look like painted electrical piping and the shoe holders have an industrial step look to them, both of which are examples of industrial design elements.

To make an industrial apartment feel less dark and masculine, try adding a few chic or glamorous pieces. For example: The perfect way to add glamour to an industrial styled apartment is a chandelier. 
Check out what I mean below...
Industrial Living Room by Chicago Architects & Designers jamesthomas, LLC

What is your favorite aspect of industrial interior design? 
Tell me in the comments!

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